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Meet the new


Discover new ways to run your club with CoverJock 2018

What's new in CoverJock 2019?

Multiple DJ Capability

One of the new additions to CoverJock is the ability to sign-up up to four DJs to one club. Allocate each DJ an section to make their announcements such as rotation, promos & parades, stage shows and general broadcasts.

Sound quality control


Only allow CoverJock to play good quality music to your clients. This has been possible using the bit rate of each track. CoverJock has new options to only play music with a specified quality rating.

Hidden Menus


More on the screen at one time, virtually each and every screen in CoverJock has a popup menu with relevant functions to the screen you're on. Do more from one screen now than ever before.

Intelligent Song Selection


Let CoverJock take control of your dancer's song selection. With the in-built intelligent selection, CoverJock will ensure the genre's and tempo are as close as possible making the best selection possible.

Starts Faster


With the new structure of CoverJock, starting CoverJock is much quicker than before. Prepare to launch into a whole new world of DJ automation packed with new features and powerful tools.

Faster Searching


The new search has been adapted to make searching and selecting music faster than ever. Find your tracks with speed and ease with advanced criteria selection a complete suite of new organisation tools.

Easier to Use


With just one screen to control everything, the new design has been made easier and more functional. Packed with features and tools to make things simpler you will be flying around the new system in no time!

All in one place


All of your DJ requirements in one. Everything you need right before your eyes including controls, features and functions without start up wizards and separate editing screens.

New Options


Personalize CoverJock to your exact specification. Easy to set options within your control panel mean that you are in the driving seat of your DJ requirements. Relax! Safe in the knowledge that you are in control!

Private Dances


When dancers become unavailable the dancer rotation tools allow you to set off dancers on private dances, breaks and more. All rotation activity is recorded and reported directly to you.

Special Stage Shows


Bachelor party? Birthday groups? The new special stage show feature will allow you to set your choice of music and interact with the show keeping your customers entertained and coming back for more.

Virtual Playlists


For those of us who are not DJs virtual playlists are perfect for automatically creating playlists based on the criteria you decide. The tools for making virtual playlists are powerful and easy to use.

Broadcast Rotation


Scheduling broadcasts has never been so simple. You can now choose the announcements you want to make for each session and easily set when and how often you want them to play.

Advanced Shuffle


Shuffle your music in each playlist or shuffle all of your playlists together. The new advanced shuffle will even allow you to set playlists to play one after the other.

VO Schedule


Some announcements need to be played at specific times and days. The new VO schedule will allow you to set these and easily edit and view the schedule when needed.

Multiple Stages


Operate up to 12 stages at once with the new multi Stage feature. Allocate dancers to specific stage rotations with show updates when dancers become unavailable.

Cue Points


Now you can eliminate uncomfortable silences and trim your tracks to play and end at the specific cue points that you decide with ease. Your playlists will flow neatly and sound great every time.

BPM Monitor


CoverJock will find the beats per minute for each and every one of your tracks allowing you to create even more specific playlists based on track tempo giving you greater control of your music policy.

Tag Editor


Keep your music neat and tidy with the all new tag editor. Organize and sort your tracks straight from the player screen. Allowing you to set genres, track information and independent gain volume.

CoverJock Pro


Need more control? Upgrade to Pro and get the BoothPoint back office integrated. Store staff and dancer contracts, manage products and services, clock staff in and out using swipe cards or fingerprint technology.

Take a tour

Watch this video to see some of the features of CoverJock, and how it brings you the best of touch screen productivity

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New Features

Check out this video to see some of the new features of CoverJock, see first hand how we're working on CoverJock just for you.

New design

The new design has been made for simplicity. With everything in one place the new version gives you.

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Tips and tricks

Get used to the new CoverJock. We've got videos and tutorials to get you up to scratch.

More about getting started

Advanced Dancer Rotation

Included in the new version is the advanced dancer rotation. It is now possible to setup multiple stages with their own names as well having complete control over round the houses and a two set rotation.

More about the dancer rotation

Broadcast Rotation

Another new feature added to the new version of CoverJock, the broadcast rotation enables the built in DJ to say what you want as often as you want.

More about playing broadcasts

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