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CoverJock 2020

in detail

Discover new ways to run your club with CoverJock 2020

The familiar made better

The layout is just as you remember it only this time with a few more neat features. No more screens to take you to the main session, everything you need is right here… and then some.

Start Faster

With no more start up wizards you can launch into a new session straight from the desktop. Everything you need is right here ready for you to start using straight away. Just add your dancers to the rotation. Choose the broadcasts you want to hear then you are ready to start. A whole range of new features mean that scheduling broadcasts is simpler and sound better and more effective than ever before!

Mouse and keyboard

You can use a mouse and keyboard to work on your Windows desktop the way you always have. The things you do with touch, like selecting dancers, making press 'n' play announcements and adding broadcasts to the new rotation, you can still do with your mouse. We have designed the new CoverJock to be faster, simpler to use and to sound even better than before.

Organizing your music

You now have the added advantage of being able to view not only the genre of music you are listening to but also the playlist to which it belongs. You can also view and sort tracks by BPM, edit track start and end time using the cue point editor and also manually change track volume gain, edit track information and set up playlists to play in set order using the playlist rotation.

Make it yours

Add your own company image to the home screen. Upload your entertainer’s pictures to display with their profiles on your TV screens as they are introduced on and off stage. Request your personalised announcements to promote your specials, promotions and future events all from your chosen DJ.

More about personalization

New and improved


The new way to search your music library is straight from the main screen. Sort your music by BPM, album, artist, track or year. All of your search results will be displayed in a neat window below the player where you can add them to the main playlist or individual entertainer’s playlists. You can even edit the track information or cue points from here without the need to access a separate editor module.

More about searching

Broadcast rotation

New to CoverJock is the broadcast rotation. Now you can schedule announcements to play simpler than ever by easily selecting what you want to hear from the broadcast panel and adding them to a list of broadcasts that will play consecutively between tracks and stage shows at the frequency you decide. Simply choose what you want to play, how many broadcasts you want to hear between tracks and how often you want to hear them. The broadcast rotation takes care of the rest!

More about broadcasts

Playlist shuffle & rotation

The new playlist shuffle is another great addition that will help to create the right ambience in your venue. You can now shuffle all of the tracks in a specific individual playlist or you can organize the tracks to play in consecutive order. You can even set playlists to play in the order you wish and even set for what length of time you want each playlist to play before moving on to the next.

More about Playlists

Multi stage shows

More than one stage? No problem! CoverJock has evolved with a new feature completely dedicated to multistage DJ management. This great new function will allow you to add girls to separate stage rotations, notify how many tracks your entertainers are away from their stage performance and give you the power to reorganize and update each rotation as entertainers become unavailable. Programmable show sets will allow you to set when one entertainers show starts and when the other finishes all with personalised introductions and announcements. It’s pretty neat stuff!

More about stage shows

Stay informed & in control

Stay in control of your venue like never before. CoverJock Pro integrates an entire new level of back office management into your CoverJock system. Now you can store and digitally sign staff and dancer contracts, clock staff and dancers in and out of shifts, create and monitor schedules and view, sort and print detailed reports to show for example: total hours worked, products and services sold as well as key performance indicators and weekly venue reports.
With CoverJock Pro+ use the added POS terminal software to track entertainers on the club floor and sell products and services that you can manage and maintain from your back office.

More about Pro and Pro+

Fast, fluid, built for touch

CoverJock is built for touch—now with larger tabs, simpler controls, and fluid response to gestures. New CoverJock harnesses the power of hardware acceleration, so it loads faster and handling is smoother.

More about CoverJock touch

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