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"CoverJock has a voice that is clear crisp, easy to understand and loaded with personality"


Our DJs have been carefully selected for their professional voices and industry experience

*You can add as many DJs as required to operate different shifts or sessions.


Wild Bill

From Florida USA - Voted Nightmoves DJ of the year and won the title for 2003, 2010 and again in 2013. Wild Bill is the American CoverJock resident DJ, providing very high quality voice-overs on demand to your CoverJock system.



Veteran club DJ with over 20 years experience in the adult entertainment industry and mainstream media , Kirby has worked with some of the biggest and best brands in the business providing quality professional entertainment with his own unique spin.


Johnny Young

Johnny has spent many nights working in clubs, perfecting his style and vocal delivery. A headlining DJ for 15 years coupled with a stint on radio, Johnny is versatile and willing to "go the extra mile" to make sure you are getting exactly the right voice for your club.



Star has been providing female voice over and audio production for over 10 years. She works full time from her professional home studio making voice-overs for a range of Gentlemans Clubs and Adult promotions.


Dean Clarke

Renowned UK DJ with over 20 years experience as a radio presenter and club DJ both in the UK and Europe. A popular choice with a clear, lively tone and plenty of confident energy. Now available as the CoverJock UK resident DJ


Sophia Skye

Introducing Sophia Skye a seasoned media professional from Staffordshire, England. Her down to earth tone makes her a popular choice for clubs who want an upbeat voice with genuine feeling to introduce their entertainers and entertain their customers.

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