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Johnny Young


Introducing our latest voice talent…..

Mr Johnny Young


Based in Whidbey island about 90 miles from Seattle, Johnny is the newest member to our DJ team. His crystal clear tones and steady control make him an exellent choice as your resident DJ. With 30 years industry experience with roots in radio, clubs and dedicated audio promotion he comes to you via the CoverJock program as highly recommended, reputable and reliable. If you are looking for a high grade professional host – look no further!

About Johnny

Johnny has spent many nights working in clubs, perfecting his delivery and style.  A headlining DJ for 15 years coupled with a stint on radio, Johnny is versatile and willing to "go the extra mile" to make sure you are getting exactly the right voice for your club.

Brief History

Johnny Young got his start on radio in 1999, hosting a metal show called "Assault & Battery" that was heard nationwide.  He has also dj'ed in hip-hop clubs for over 20 years, including a residency at Lava Nightclub near Seattle, Washington.  Needless to say he's well versed in different types of music and has a deep, clear vocal tone that will cut through and grab your customers' attention.  Very easy to work with and very insistent on giving you exactly what you want to help promote your business.

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